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About Us

BBA Organic is a U.S. company made by an Armenian woman, Asya Grigorian.

We are based on a deep cosmetic education and study of a conscious formulation.

Our ingredients are natural, non-toxic, certified organic, and vegan which assures our primary goal–we work on quality, not quantity. We also work with active and secondary ingredients to make sure that their perfect match can have a life-changing impact on the skin.

Each product and package is purely sustainable–including nature and entirely excluding toxins. Therefore, we also raise awareness that getting high quality is not enough. We must also realize how we should give back to our environment.

BBA Organic is more than an organic skincare company. Its foundation is inspired by Greek Philosophical elements. Each BBA product represents the four elements; water, air, soil, and fire. What is unique in our outlook is that there is one more element that should be provided by our customers–that is the spirit, your soul. When using our products, you can consider yourself solving the five-element puzzle of life–with us, you ensure that your personal diagram is full.

The elements you puzzle together transform into a cycle we call life, where comes along our brand logo. The logo represents the infinity symbol–a symbol we hope you will in your everyday skincare life, by using our products.

At last, BBA is also about finding a peaceful balance between the body and mind so we can reach absolute excellence.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is minimalism. Everything we create, starting with the formulation of the products, to their packaging, we use minimalism. Our notion lies in creating a brand, where everything and everyone coexists because of nature.

Every ingredient we use, whether active or secondary, is uniquely chosen for its clean roots. Therefore, our ideology is to work on quality, not quantity.

Our skincare culture starts at the doors of handmade products, that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly–primarily natural.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our passion—our passion towards a non-toxic lifestyle, towards caring about our environment, and most of all, our passion to care for our health. With this, we aim to create products that will enhance the idea of clean beauty. As of now, we have only four products that perfectly suit a whole skincare routine.

Our objective is to achieve high and advanced quality through our innovative and simple formulas. Hence, our goal is to amplify organic and natural skincare products further so that our customers will have a wide variety of non-toxic products to choose from.

BBA Organic exists to share one simple skincare rule—the quality of the product is always based on the quality of ingredients. So, step by step, let us create a new era of clean beauty.

Brand DNA

BBA Organic is a skincare company composed of natural chains that coil around each other to form a new life–it carries the responsibility of creating products that generate health development, natural beauty, and minimalistic growth for all known homo sapiens.


Our packaging is made from PCR plastic, meaning the plastic we use is recycled from the plastic waste gathered from oceans.

We also pack the products with biodegradable peanuts, that dissolve under the water.

This packaging option is safe for the environment and our natural formulas. It is the best way to ensure what our brand represents. This is a non-stop sustainability project, and we hope to get better each year and stay in harmony with nature.

BBA Social Media

Dear BBA community, we appreciate you coming this far. It means you genuinely care about your skin and environment as much as we do.To follow our journey, you can subscribe to BBA's social media platforms, where we share backstage lab stories, history, and the process of product making daily. You can also follow our founder's social media pages, where she answers your questions on different interesting topics, gives effective DIYs, and talks about BBA Organic. Also, subscribe to us to get weekly newsletters from our founder.

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