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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go… what does it mean? Right, it’s time to pay extra attention to your skin. What did you think? It’s winter, dear! So, button up your coat, lace your boots, take something warm to drink, and let’s explore the wonderland of winter skincare.

What Happens to Our Skin in Winter?

If you wonder why cold weather should affect your skin, we have an answer for you. You see, one of the most essential proteins in our skin starts decreasing during winter.

This protein is called filaggrin (and no, it’s not a house of Hogwarts from “Harry Potter”): it is vital for supporting the barrier function and natural moisturizing factors of your skin. Combined with the dry air and cold weather, low levels of humidity, and intensive heating, our skin is becoming more and more dehydrated. This, in turn, results in dryness and worsens skin conditions. Our skin becomes flaky, and itchy, and may even crack, which may even lead to inflammation, eczema, acne, etc.

That’s why we tell you that you need to pay extra attention to your everyday skincare routine. Find some useful but easy tips on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing even in winter. Let’s start.

Choose a Mild Cleanser

Cleansing is the most important step in your skincare - it’s how you start your routine. A clean and mild cleanser is the best thing you can do for your skin. It needs to be gentle but work effectively, so you don’t over-cleanse your skin and damage its barrier.

To keep your skin moisturized and nourished, avoid cleansers with harsh ingredients that may harm your skin and take away its natural moisture.

Cleansers with oily formulas are perfect to keep your skin soft and smooth while melting makeup and the dirt accumulated on your skin.

natural makeup

BBA Organic’s Oil-To-Milk Double Cleanser was created to cleanse your skin while staying mild to it and never damaging your skin barrier. When you apply the oily formula to your dry skin, the cleanser melts the makeup, and when you incorporate water, the milky formula helps remove the excess dirt without clogging the pores. The double cleanser purifies the skin deeply by providing glow and moisture. After washing it away, you’ll notice how soft your skin is after cleansing, even before moisturizing it. The Meadowfoam and Centella Asiatica Extract contained in the double cleanser help keep your skin soft, speed healing, and prevent future scars and blemishes. Don’t rub aggressively - gentle movements are totally enough.

Choose a Richer Moisturizer

Gel moisturizers are our favorite, especially for those who have acne-prone skin. But when it’s cold outside, your skin needs a richer formula. Here we may suggest adding our Advanced Moisturizer to your everyday routine: use it at least once a day if you feel like your skin needs more moisture. Thanks to the high quality, vegan, and certified organic components, such as Squalane and Camellia, the Advanced moisturizer provides a long-lasting shield for a healthy skin barrier against environmental stressors, leading to dryness and premature aging. It’s a great option for any time you need extra moisture for your skin, especially for winter.

Avoid Hot Showers

Did you know that hot water removes the natural oil from your skin?

We know that taking a hot bath or a shower may feel relaxing and comfortable after outdoor activities or a tiring day, but believe us it’s not the best idea. Hot showers are not only bad for your skin but also for your hair, vessels, heart, and the vascular system in general. So even if you were freezing outside, try to move your limbs and body to warm up your body, and then take a shower or a bath with lukewarm water. How to know if the water is hotter than needed, you’ll ask? If the water makes your skin red, then it’s too hot, says the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Use Sunscreen

Even during gray winter days, the UV rays can still damage your skin badly. Use a good SPF: of course, you may need a lighter one than during summer heat, but it’s still an obligatory step in your skincare routine.

Use SPF even if you’re indoors, as the UV rays can reach your skin through windows and harm you.

Stay Hydrated

We know that you might not feel as thirsty as you do during summer, but it doesn’t mean that your body needs less hydration. Staying hydrated during cold winter days is a guarantee for healthy skin: you will reduce the possibility of getting flaky or cracked sensitive skin and chapped lips. Keep drinking enough water to avoid dehydration, especially during holidays when alcohol intake can be higher than usual.

Take Care of Your Body

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It’s not only your face that needs more attention during winter. Your body needs nutrition and moisture more than ever now. First, moisturize your body skin after each shower or bath. Go for richer formulas, choose body butter that will nourish your skin. Try to avoid choosing skincare products by their smell - artificial fragrances added to your skin care product will not lead to anything good. Pay attention to the ingredient list when buying body lotion or butter and choose those without perfume.

Besides, choose wisely what to wear. To take care of your body skin, get dressed in layers: the layers close to your skin must be made of smooth and comfortable materials such as silk or cotton. Wear thicker materials as second layers, to keep you warm outside. Try not to leave some parts of your body open in the extremely cold air - your legs and hands are most exposed to frost.

Keep Exfoliating

face toner for oily skin

Winter is a good time to continue exfoliating, but don’t overdo it - lower temperatures and dry air might make your skin more sensitive after exfoliation and result in cracked skin. You can choose BBA Organic's Toner-Serum for daily gentle exfoliation. The toner’s antioxidant-rich formula protects the skin from environmental stress and helps get a healthy appearance. It contains Glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin while boosting collagen production, and the Rose water contained in the formula hydrates the skin by providing balance to the natural oils.

Final Thoughts

Winter is the best time to take extra care of your skin. Incorporate additional products, choose mild, organic, vegan skincare that will heal your skin and boost its appearance. Limit your alcohol intake during holidays, keep away from direct fire and have yourself a merry little Christmas with BBA Organic!



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