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Happiness is a great hair day. But what if it’s not a great hair day but a great hair life? Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Believe it or not, it’s quite possible if you make a little effort towards a healthier and more mindful lifestyle that harms no part of your body and soul.

To help you get the hair of your dreams, we’ve gathered top habits from the founder of BBA Organic, Asya Grigorian.

The transparent elixir

Guess what? Drink water. It may seem repetitive - we know you have seen this advice a million times when reading about skincare. But the role of water and its adequate daily intake is not exaggerated at all. We all consist mainly of water - on average 60% of a human body is water. So you will never be mistaken if you drink enough H2O.

organic serum

As for hair, a single hair string has about 10% water in it. This means that only by drinking enough water, you complete almost 10% of the job. Sufficient water intake daily keeps your hair shiny and healthy by preventing split ends and hair damage. Staying hydrated helps to keep your scalp healthy and nourishes your hair from the roots. So keep a glass of water near you when you work or have your bottle with you when you go for a walk. It’s easier to remember to drink water when it’s right in front of your eyes.

Vitamins check

Oh yes - we couldn’t skip this point, it’s one of the most important factors. Good hair often means good health, so if you see some changes on your hair, see a doctor and check for vitamin deficiency.

anti-hair loss product

On average, it’s best to check up for vitamin deficiency every six months, so you can always have an up-to-date report on your overall health. Yet, some types of vitamins need different checkup frequency - yearly or every two-three months, for example.

Thus, it’s always better to consult your doctor before taking tests, to avoid money and time waste. And, of course, when you find a deficiency, go for organic certified, non-toxic and vegan options of vitamins if available, otherwise, you’ll never be sure if they help or harm you instead. But don’t sit back and rely on pills only - eat your vitamins daily by choosing high-quality food and keeping a healthy diet as much as possible.

Add collagen after 26

Our Asya says that it’s necessary to take additional collagen from time to time, especially if you are 26 and higher. The thing is, our body naturally produces collagen, but its levels decrease when we age. To make your hair nourished, elastic, shiny, and healthy, keeping collagen on a high level is the best thing you can do. Again, choose high-quality organic certified, and non-toxic options for collagen supplement without harmful additives, whether you pick powder or in pills.

In fact, collagen contains important amino acids, which help your body to build strong and healthy hair. It prevents hair thinning and loss of elastin, which is a key structural protein that decreases with age.

What touches your hair?

Have you ever thought that strong hair doesn’t just come from within? Remember how your face skin reacts when it comes into contact with different things - masks, pillows, your hands, scarves, etc. The same is with hair, but more complicated.

You know, many of us use different accessories for hair - elastics, hair clips, hats, hair scarves, and almost all of them may seem comfortable to use for a quick hairstyle, but the harm they cause to your hair is immense.

Although they can change your appearance in a second and make you look great, we can’t ignore the fact that most of them pull and pluck your hair when removing.

For example, plastic hair clips damage the hair, rubber bands and elastics pull your hair and pluck them, and bobby pins break your hair structure and damage your scalp when their tips come off the edge. Tight hats, headbands, or bandanas put pressure on your hair and head which cause not only hair damage and hair loss but headache as well.

To minimize the damage, don’t use the accessories mentioned or use them very rarely, without extra tightening, heating while they are on your hair, and never use them on wet hair. But it is better to find safer alternatives which are definitely a more sustainable option rather than plastic or resin: we talk about silk or satin. Use bands covered with satin or silk layers, or tie your hair with silk ties - you’ll get a nice hairstyle without much damage to your hair. The weave of satin or silk accessories will never break your hair structure or pull them while removing, so you can keep calm!

One thing more: brushing techniques and the material and structure of your brush leaves a big impact on your hair health. Never pull the brush aggressively when brushing, start from the tips and then go closer to the roots instead of starting from the roots without brushing the tips. Don’t put much pressure on your hair and don’t pluck them. Try to avoid brushes with artificial materials, resin, and metal as it will harm your scalp and roots.

Put your head on my… pillow

When it comes to pillowcases, we all want to choose a clean, non-toxic option which will be the best for our face skin. But what about hair? Being non-toxic is not enough from this point of view. Our Asya says that the best options for healthy hair are non-toxic and clean silk and satin pillowcases. If you want to have shiny and healthy hair and keep its hydration on a high level, choose these materials as they don’t absorb the moisture from your hair.

Anti-hair loss nourishing serum from BBA Organic

Long story short - hair loss and thin, dull hair was a real struggle for our founder. And so many of us face different problems with hair. Dandruff, damaged hair, thinning, split ends, dry scalp, and much more were a real nightmare for us. Before we welcomed the Anti-Hair Loss Nourishing Serum to our BBA Organic family.

Made with sincere care, love, and patience, our Anti-Hair Loss Nourishing Serum is a unique product solving various problems at the same time, completely and without fake promises. Our founder has been working on this exceptional non-toxic formula for a long period, and it’s the new pearl of BBA Organic. Organic certified pure ingredients are derived ethically so the product can stay mild and kind to Mother Nature while helping your hair to grow thick and strong.

Containing zero silicones, the nourishing serum is designed for hair loss properties. It provides shine and promotes thriving growth, thanks to organic vegan keratin-derived ingredients.

A truly luxury organic hair care, it has rare ingredients that make it a real gem. Apply serum to dry or wet hair - dry for nourishing only and wet for heat protection as well.

Suitable for everyone, the new serum works great also for people who have oily hair/scalp as it does not add oil. Instead, the magical formula simply maintains smooth, hydrated, and healthy-looking hair. We bet you’ll fall in love with its unforgettable smell as we did.

It has no toxic ingredients and no artificially added perfume, instead, it has non-toxic and organic certified Magnolia oil, which is responsible for the product's stunning smell.

Quinoa extract from our serum formula has important proteins that build and strengthen the protective barrier around the hair, making it strong and protecting against potential damage. That’s why using it on wet hair can protect your hair from heat. The Rice extract promotes hair growth and helps your hair to improve growth, become thicker. Marula Oil contained in the formula nourishes the hair from roots to ends by hydrating, moisturizing, and as it is an occlusive, it prevents water loss from your hair.

We know it will be love at first sight. Find our LIMITED EDITION Anti-Hair Loss Nourishing Serum on our website, read more about it, and get inspired as we are. We are here to help you love the beautiful journey of self-care, to take your hand, and lead you to a healthier, more mindful, and harmonic lifestyle. Just trust us - Nature is enough.



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