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It seems like there’s nothing easier than cleansing your facial skin. You just turn on the tap, wet your hands, rub some water onto your face or even add some soap, then rinse it and you’re done, right? Well, if we lived in ancient times, we would say yes. But we are here in the 21st century and we’ll guide you through some proper techniques that you need to add to your daily skincare routine. But don’t get confused - the logic is the same: we all want a clean face as a result. The difference is how we get it without harming ourselves. So let’s start.

How to Fail Washing Your Skin and How to Irritate It?

Here are a few hundred percent working tips on how to harm your skin while washing it:

Hot Water
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Oh yes, here we go again. No matter if it's your body or facial skin, you should never wet or rinse it with hot water while washing it. Never, ever do this if you don’t want to have acne breakouts, disturbed skin barrier, and excess oil right after washing. We bet you’ll have your face shining in an unhealthy way if hot water touches your face. But don’t try, we don’t bet. Just be cautious and never do it again.

The perfect water for washing your face is lukewarm water. Your skin must feel comfortable and not boiling or freezing. They lie when they say that hot water opens your pores. It doesn’t. It just harms.

Rubbing Your Face

If you rub your face when applying a cleanser or without it, thinking you’ll take off more dirt that way, then you’re harming your face. Don’t rub your skin after washing as well, we mean when drying your face with a towel.

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For proper cleansing, you need about eight to ten tools - and all of them are always with you. We speak about your fingertips! They are the best tools to apply your cleanser to your face and massage it. No need to use additional tools, as you can’t imagine the amount of bacteria that builds up on sponges and brushes. Only the pads of your fingers, and never your nails - otherwise, you are going to make some micro wounds on your face.

And when drying, just dab your face skin with a clean towel. Don’t use towels from hard materials not to harm your skin.

Chaotic Movements

If you don’t want to have your facial skin sagging and dull, be careful with the movements when you wash your skin. We don’t know how you do it and what they say on the Internet, but it’s a healthier option to wash your face with calm and orderly movements. Start with your T-zone and massage your skin from the center to your cheeks, jawline, and forehead.

It’s also important how much you massage the cleanser to your face: don’t apply and rinse it too fast, as the formula needs time to work. But don’t leave it for too long as well - it’s not a mask after all.

More Cleansing Means Healthier Skin?
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Ehm, no. Your skin needs cleansing only twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. You can also wash your face additionally if you have worked out and sweated a lot. Wash the dirt off to avoid skin inflammation.

But never overdo it - otherwise, you will break your skin barrier and remove the natural oil on your skin which is essential to keep your skin soft and comfortable. As a result, your skin will produce more oil and you’ll have inflammation. So the rule is simple - the golden middle is the best.

The More You Scrub The Cleaner Your Skin Gets

Here’s another myth. Your skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed - especially if you want to use abrasive products. Scrubs with sharp particles will most probably harm your skin causing micro wounds and resulting in inflammation. That’s why you should avoid them and go for softer and safer formulas.

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The Oil-To-Milk Double Cleanser from BBA Organic is the best vegan formula you can find - it cleanses in two phases and eliminates the need to scrub and rub your skin while leaving your skin clean and clear. The organic Oat Kernel contained in the cleanser formula helps to remove dirt and oil. It lightens and improves the tone of the skin.

When the oily formula is applied, the makeup melts, and when mixed with water, the milky formula helps remove extra dirt without clogging the pores. The product deeply cleanses the skin while also delivering shine and moisture.

Takeaway: Main Tips for Optimal Cleansing Routine

1. Properly cleanse your face: Applying micellar water and waiting for a miracle is not an option. Moreover, cleansing your face only with micellar water is not enough. Even if you use micellar water, you should rinse it off and then cleanse your face with a good cleanser.

There is no need to spend money on other cleansing products when you use BBA Organic double cleanser; it performs the job for all and double cleanses the skin. This product helps remove all pollutants on the face when used in both oily and milky formulas. It is very effective for removing makeup.

2. Gentle movements only: Massage your face with love and care, from nose to cheeks, from forehead to jawline. Remember - no chaotic and harmful movements at all.

3. Use lukewarm water: Never allow your skin to turn red because of hot water. Find a comfortable temperature and cleanse!

4. No harmful formulas: Choose a cleanser with mild, gentle formulas. Natural, organic certified ingredients are the best. And the ideal formula never contarabens

  • colorants

  • petrolatum / mineral oil

  • PEGs

  • formaldehydes

  • SLS / SLES

  • silicones

  • phenoxyethanol

  • phthalates

  • artificial fragrance

Consistency Is the Key

Setting the right skincare is not only about what you do, but also, and most importantly how you do it. Create a clean skincare routine for you, repeat twice - in the morning and in the evening every day, and you’ll see the results. Just trust the process.



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