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It’s Black Friday soon. Okay, were you waiting for a crazy discount announcement or recommendation series on what and where to buy on the day of a crazy shopping run? Not this time. We’ll talk with you about something that will stay in your mind forever and guide you when planning your next shopping.

That’s why we decided to speak about this just before the Black Friday fun. We have some food for thought - and today we wanted to talk about conscious beauty choices and consumerism as an approach.

Conscious beauty: what’s behind it?

So, what is conscious beauty and why do we see it as one of the best alternatives to consumerism? Well, conscious beauty may be slightly different for everyone. But one thing is for sure - it’s a more mindful approach to the beauty routines we know.

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Conscious beauty is also about picking products with ethically-sourced, clean, and natural ingredients, and formulas that really work, choosing brands that are cruelty-free, which means they never test products on animals or use raw materials tested on animals.

Moreover, conscious beauty is about making your beauty and self-care routine quality, where every step is done for a reason, for a real effect, not because it’s a big hype or another fancy trendy thing in the beauty industry. Nothing useless, nothing pointless, nothing unnecessary - remember, here less is more. Making conscious and well-measured choices will bring you to a state where everything you have works for you in the right way.

What to do with unnecessary stuff?

First, don’t buy it. Always plan your shopping in advance. This applies to beauty product shopping cases as well. We know how hard it can be to refrain from buying exciting and beautiful colorful stuff especially if they are discounted and seem remarkably affordable. We’ve been there, seen that, know that. It’s a kind of challenge for your self-discipline - try to avoid unnecessary purchases from now on. This will save your money from being wasted, your health from being risked, and your space from being clogged with useless stuff.

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But, if you have already purchased a lot of things (here we mainly talk about beauty products not to go too far off our topic), then start sorting and filtering. If you have been with us for a while, then you definitely have enough information and good knowledge to choose what to leave and what to give away, recycle, or utilize. While sorting, you’ll reevaluate some things and you’ll know for sure what not to buy next time. Now you may think that all the products you have purchased already aren’t worth throwing away, or maybe you think that you’ll use them later, maybe you pity those things, right? First, it’s not about throwing away - after some time you’ll get used to the art of recycling and giving things away beautifully. Second, don’t pity things, darling.

Pity your life, your space, your health, your energy - this is what’s priceless. Don’t feel sorry - just learn a good lesson for the future.

Consumerism: the bad guy?

To start with, let’s get acquainted with the system of consumerism. Consumerism is a system where the pledge of our happiness and well-being is the continuous purchase and consumption of goods. You buy something and you’re happy - sounds easy, right? In a world where big brands need to survive in a highly competitive market, the consumer is the only guarantee of their business success. In this never-ending circle, companies produce and sell more and more, marketing their products in a way a customer will find exciting and will buy without a doubt.

The system in which we live is about making us think that all we need is buying something, and it’s the only thing we lack.
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Buying more clothes, more beauty products, more gadgets than needed - this is an unconscious chain. And consumers will be the victims until each of them changes his own thoughts, values, and priorities.

Consumerism is a destructive system both for people as individuals, as it keeps us dependent on more purchases, and for the environment - huge resources of Nature are being used every day to cover the demand of the market. It’s not an exaggeration, it’s about cutting down more forests, about increased land use, and growing emission of pollutants into the air.

Why is BBA considered conscious beauty?

Here are the four pillars on which we have built BBA Organic: clean ingredients, sustainability, ethical approach, and our eco-friendly position.
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What we mean by clean and conscious beauty is the purity of the ingredients used. BBA Organic products are about clean processing and the organic certification of the ingredients we pick and maintaining the natural benefits.

BBA Organic never uses masking ingredients, parabens, colorants, petroleum/mineral oil, PEGs, Formaldehydes, SLS / SLES, Silicones, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, and other harming ingredients.

BBA Organic never tests products on animals and never uses ingredients that have been tested on animals.

BBA Organic products are made from 100% vegan high-quality ingredients. Both the packaging and the formulas are non-polluting and non-toxic. The natural ingredients do not harm the environment and are safe for the planet due to the cleanness of the raw materials. Completely handcrafted, BBA Organic products are made without harming and exploiting nature.

Choose conscious natural beauty. Nature is enough.



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