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Prior to entering the world of skincare, I was majoring in power engineering. You weren't expecting that, right?

Well, hear me out!

With all our insecurities during our teenage years, acne and seasonal allergies were on the top of my list. Going to work or university felt dreadful. I desperately ran from one beauty store to the other purchasing the most expensive products, hoping to get rid of my acne as fast as possible. Nothing seemed to help. For years, I felt hopeless and could only leave the house by layering my face with foundation.

In a twinkling of an eye, this journey led me to where I am today.

functional formulas

As an engineer, critical thinker, and problem solver, I was aiming to find an answer to my own problems. I started reading labels and questioning the ingredient lists of each product I literally touched. I wanted to dig deep and analyze a marketing strategy or a product with true results. I chose what went on my skin.

Through my extensive research, I was headed to various corners of Europe, and the answer to what my skin needed was pure and simple; nature. I began creating my own natural products.

I spent hours in my lab harvesting information to mix and match formulas. It was right there when I began the creation of BBA organic. It was less about building a brand and more about showing ways to appreciate the textures of your skin. I believe that BBA organic is more than skincare. It is about finding peace with your body and mind as well.

Each product is purely sustainable, stemming from nature while excluding toxins entirely. It is not only about getting the best qualities of nature but also giving back to our environment.

Let’s harmonize with nature together.

Today, I can look back at all the non-toxic skincare products I used to buy, sitting in my drawers unused as I found everything I needed in my creations. My extensive research in the industry led me to four vital characteristics, that is, simple, natural, skin-loving, and effective products.

BBA organic is here to hold your hand and walk you through the steps of nature, balanced health, and mindfulness with peace of mind.

Are you ready to come along?

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