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When formulating BBA products, our founder chooses mindfulness and sustainability in skincare. Years of experience, deep knowledge, and months of testing helped to create the perfect formula needed for healthy and glowing skin.

But when it comes to the technical and organizational part of maintaining a clean beauty brand, what are the main sustainability practices? How do we organize the production, packaging, selling, and shipping to reduce the footprints on our nature? We have prepared a short introduction to our sustainable practices at BBA, so continue reading.

What Are the Main Concerns of Maintaining a Clean Beauty Brand?

Well, it’s not only about the formula and ingredients used to create the product. Here are the main concerns of maintaining a clean beauty brand:

  • Sourcing and producing in a way that doesn’t harm the environment

  • Choosing sustainable packaging not to harm the nature

  • Organizing the way you sell and ship your products.

And what are the sustainable practices of clean beauty at BBA Organic?

Sustainable Sourcing and Production

At BBA Organic, we use only organic, ethically sourced ingredients to reduce the environmental impact of ingredient production.
We support fair trade practices and partnerships to ensure a sustainable supply chain.
Our product formulations are designed to minimize waste during production and consumer use.

Eco-friendly Packaging

  • We use biodegradable or compostable packaging materials: for example, the packing peanuts used by BBA are 100% vegan and natural - you can melt them by just keeping them under warm water.

  • Minimalist packaging designs of BBA Organic products use less material and reduce waste. As a result, we can keep the product price affordable and not increase it because of packaging, plus, we stay mild to Nature.

  • We choose the most sustainable packaging option possible. PCR, the post-consumer recycled packaging is made from upcycled plastic gathered from the ocean. PCR is one of the lightest options for packaging which contributes to a lower carbon footprint during transportation and distribution.

Transparency and Education

  • Clear labeling at BBA Organic indicates the ingredients used without hiding any of the ingredients.

  • Our campaigns raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices.

  • We do our best to help our community to make informed choices and adopt sustainable beauty routines.

Encouraging Recycling

  • We actively encourage our community to continue the recycling process by providing recyclable packaging materials.

  • By educating our customers about the importance of recycling, we aim to promote a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

Online-Only Presence

Reduced Energy Consumption
  • With no physical stores, we eliminate the need for energy-intensive activities such as lighting, heating, and cooling retail spaces.

  • By operating solely online, our company can significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower Transportation Impact
  • Without physical stores, we significantly minimize the transportation impact associated with commuting between stores and warehouses, as well as transporting products to different retail locations.

  • With a centralized distribution center, we reduce transportation distances and optimize shipping routes, further reducing carbon emissions.

Virtual Shopping Experience
  • At BBA Organic, we provide a seamless virtual shopping experience through our website with a simple user interface, reducing the need for customers to travel to physical stores.

  • As we offer detailed product information, images, “How to use” videos, and reviews online, our customers can make informed purchasing decisions without the need for in-person browsing, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. Plus, our customer support is happy to help with any order when you write to us.

Digital Marketing and Communication
  • With digital channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and our website, we reach a wide audience without the need for more printed materials or physical advertising campaigns.

  • Digital communication reduces paper waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions associated with traditional marketing approaches.

The Bottom Line

As a clean beauty brand, we prioritize sustainable practices at BBA Organic. Choose natural, non-toxic products and join us today to make a positive impact on Mother Nature while achieving healthy and glowing skin.



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