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As the year draws to a close, the promise of a new beginning is just around the corner, and now is the perfect season for a fresh start in your life. Take the opportunities of the coming year with the be.come journal—a companion designed to guide you through self-discovery, flourishing, and the pursuit of your most authentic self.

Explore the beautiful world of the be.come journal, where the goal of happiness and self-awareness takes center stage. This transformative well-being tool, rooted in the philosophy of balancing “being” and “becoming”, is your guide to unlocking joy and authenticity in your life.

Inspiration from the Pages of History, Crafted for Today

BBA's founder Asya Grigoryan and be.come's creator Ani Hovhannisyan found inspiration from historical luminaries like Marcus Aurelius and their shared passion for journaling. The be.come journal goes beyond the ordinary, delving into personal acknowledgments covering well-being, values, self-care, mindful achievement, and emotional diversity.

A Tapestry of Holistic Well-Being

More than a compilation of thoughts, the be.come journal weaves together positive psychology theories and evidence-based exercises. It invites you to break free from the hurried pace of life, offering a sanctuary within yourself — a place to explore self-awareness, mindful self-care, and the pursuit of meaningful goals.

Your Companion in Flourishing

Let be.come journal be more than just a record; let it be your companion in expressing your authentic self, achieving desired changes, and thriving on your journey to holistic well-being. It's not just a journal; it's a label of love, encapsulating your commitment to flourishing.


The Name

Our journal was named "be.come" for a reason. It has a deeper meaning than it seems, so…

The 'be' encourages living in the current moment, cherishing authenticity, relishing experiences, and nurturing meaningful connections.
The 'dot.' calls you to pause, reflect, appreciate, and dream, merging your past, present, and future into a soulful dialogue.
Ultimately, the 'come' drives you onward with diligence, discipline, and improvement, transforming your dreams into reality.

Benefits & Features

This transformative journal is more than a guide; it's a path through self-discovery, authentic expression, and goal achievement. The be.come journal incorporates positive psychology interventions and various journaling practices, making it a versatile and flexible tool for anyone seeking enrichment in their journaling practice.

If integrating the journal into your healing journey, it's advised to discuss it with your therapist beforehand.

How to Use: A Journey Unveiled

The be.come journal is structured into four parts, each housing purposeful worksheets for self-awareness, well-being, and goal setting. Remember that it's not just a journal; it's a learning experience. To take advantage of your journey, immerse yourself in each part and let the structured guidance be your companion.

Duration: Complete the journal within approximately four months.

Begin Anytime: Start whenever it suits you, but consistency e is key.

Step-by-Step Exploration: Start with the first three parts, completing all worksheets.

Goal Setting: Move to the fourth part by establishing goals for the next three months.

Detailed Planning: Break goals into monthly, weekly, and daily objectives.

Weekly Engagement: Engage in the daily morning and evening sections on workdays (Monday to Friday).

Reflective Saturdays: Saturdays are dedicated to reflecting on the week with Weekly Summaries.

Planning Sundays: Outline plans for the upcoming week on Sundays.

Monthly Check-ins: Every four weeks, write a comprehensive monthly summary.

Discover the joy of self-awareness and positive transformation with the be.come journal. Let it be your compass as you navigate the path to a more fulfilled and authentic life.



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