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Hair loss is one of the most painful topics for us: both men and women experience hair loss equally, and both genders take it very seriously, even if some of them don’t show their feelings about it. No one wants their hair to fall out, lose its density and healthy appearance.

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And we all know that there is a huge amount of information about hair loss all over the Internet, everyone and everywhere talks about how to reduce hair loss and recover your healthy hair and scalp. But not every piece of information you find is true, moreover, some of us may harm ourselves when taking everything seriously and following everyone’s advice blindly.

That’s why we wanted to gather the top myths and realities of anti-hair loss care in one article. Let this be your ultimate guide so you can start taking proper care of your hair.

Myth 1. Cutting Your Hair So They Start Growing Faster, Healthier, Stronger

Reality: Okay, let’s make it clear: if your hair could start growing faster, healthier, stronger because you cut them, then after a few times of cutting hair regularly you would grow a forest. Jokes aside, your hair does start looking better, healthier, stronger when you cut your hair because by doing so you get rid of split ends that usually make your hair look thinner and rough. Continue cutting your hair regularly for that purpose, but remember that your hair will not change its density after a cut.

Myth 2. Shaving Your Head Will Result in Wonderful Hair

Reality: In fact, shaving your head is not a bad thing, but only if you want to be bald. It’s a hairstyle, nothing more. Shaving the head is an old tradition among some nations, as they believe that one's hair structure will change for the better when they shave off all hair. But judge yourself, would we shave our body hair in order to get rid of all hair if hair could become thicker after shaving? In reality, shaving changes the angle at which the hair is cut, which can make it look thicker or darker, but it can’t change the hair structure from the inside. That’s it.

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Myth 3. Washing Your Hair Everyday Will Result in Heavier Hair Loss

Reality: Everyone must wash their hair as frequently as they need to because we all have different skin types on our scalp with different skin conditions. If your scalp and hair become greasy more frequently, you don’t need to tolerate excess oil just because you are afraid of hair loss. Healthy hair can’t fall out because of washing, of course, if you don’t damage your hair while washing. Don’t forget to use only clean, mild shampoos.

Myth 4. If You Brush Your Hair Wet, More Hair Will Fall Out

Reality: When you wash or just wet your hair, they become more elastic. So you need to be more careful when brushing them wet - don’t pull and don’t damage them as they can break. But they will not fall out just because of wet brushing. There is even a hair care method called “Curly girl method” when you detangle your hair with a lot of hair conditioner/balm on it, to save the natural shape of your hair without damaging it. What will definitely damage your hair is tying them when wet - never repeat it again if you used to do so.

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Myth 5. Hair Loss Is a Local Problem and Must Be Solved by Means of Local Effect

Reality: Hair loss can have a big number of reasons and roots: hormonal disbalance, lack of vitamins and nutrients, local alopecia, age, haircare, hairstyles, etc. And there’s no magic wand to solve all problems overnight. Checking for your health issues and solving them, using mild and natural hair care products, taking vitamins, and having nutritious food everyday - this is a complex approach that will help your hair become healthy, strong, thick, and good-looking.

Your Hair, Our BBA Serum

Don’t forget that each product, technique, and method you apply for getting strong and healthy hair and reducing your hair loss will need some time. You will not achieve any permanent results without consistency. Keep in mind that your hair needs regular care as much as your skin does. You don’t cleanse your face skin once and expect it to be clean all year round, right? Repeat the same with your scalp and hair.

What we can help you with is our Anti-Hair Loss Nourishing Serum that contains rare, wild, natural ingredients that are non-toxic and organic certified. The serum is unique due to its silicone-free formula.

Because of the vegan components used in the formulation, the serum provides shine and promotes healthy growth. It is the ideal product for everyone, including those with oily hair or scalp. The product keeps hair soft, shiny, and healthy.

Choose nature above anything else.


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