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Waking up with glowing skin is a goal for almost everyone who has sensitive and acne-prone skin. We know how it feels when you dream about just having already perfect and blemish-free skin in the morning. If you don’t have a normal type of skin, the journey to having perfect skin may feel too long and complicated. In fact, it was so, at least for many people we know.

But don’t panic: that’s why BBA Organic was created - to walk with you through your journey to waking up with glowing skin. The strength of the natural ingredients in our products will support you through every struggle for your flawless skin. But nothing will be possible without your own efforts and consistency.

Hence, we have 5 simple steps with good tips for you that will always work in favor of your skin.

Continue reading and check which points you already have in your routine and which ones you still need to integrate. Here we go.

1. Wash your face properly

how to get clear glowing skin

Before everything else, you must have a consistent skincare routine: doing skincare twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - is a basic need for everyone. And every good skincare routine starts with proper cleansing. You cleanse your face in the morning to get rid of the excess sebum accumulated during the night and to awaken and refresh the skin. Although our skin doesn’t produce much sebum at night, it may still be greasy in the morning, if your skin is oily or acne-prone. After cleansing, continue with your skincare products. In the evening, you need to take off your makeup (if you wear it) before going to bed, as well as cleanse the oil and dirt from your face that has built up on your face. If you work out, you will need to wash your face with a cleanser additionally after sweating.

Washing your face with a deep-cleansing product is the best thing you can do to have glowing skin. The ideal cleanser must have enough strength to deeply cleanse all the dirt while staying gentle to your skin. These two factors give a guarantee that you will not feel discomfort after washing your face, and your skin will stay soft and silky even before toning up or moisturizing. The Oil-To-Milk Cleanser from BBA Organic feeds two birds with one seed: it cleanses your skin from makeup and dirt when applied as an oil on dry skin. You massage it into your skin, then incorporate water and wash it as a milk cleanser from your face. It leaves your skin shining and comfortable while fighting imperfections on your skin. The Oil-To-Milk Cleanser can also be used only in its milky formula in the morning if you feel like your skin does not produce excess sebum at night. You just need to make your skin wet and activate the milky phase by skipping the oil phase.

2. Taking care in the evening

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To wake up with glowing skin in the morning, you need to take some mandatory steps throughout the day, especially in the evening. During the night's sleep, your skin goes through essential processes such as recovery and healing. And it’s the best time for your skincare to do its job - as your skin is in its comfort zone: no wind, no sunlight, no pollution, it’s calm and safe. So, it’s your part to add some magic. If you have breakouts, you can go for spot treatment or use anti-inflammatory products for the whole face.

The purest treatment for your acne-prone skin will be the Clarifying Gel-Moisturizer from BB Organic. Use the Clarifying Gel-Moisturizer to hydrate the skin and provide long-lasting antioxidant protection. The green tea in the formula of the moisturizer reduces sunburn, the sage extract soothes dryness and irritation, and the coffee seed extract reduces redness by boosting collagen production. The Gel-Moisturizer also contains vegan lactic acid which increases cell turnover and eliminates accumulated dead skin cells. The best choice for acne-prone skin will be The Glow Trio from BBA Organic if you want to make your skin shine. The effectiveness of real natural ingredients is proven by hundreds of people who choose nature as a solution to their problems.

3. Clean diet

Let’s talk straight, how many times have you been told about the effectiveness of a clean diet? If you still don’t believe it, just try to eat clean for a short period and you’ll see the results yourself. We know it’s hard to keep a strict diet and always avoid the things you love but you can still eat primarily clean to keep your body in good health which will result in glowing skin.

Try to pick only organic food and then balance what you consume during the day.

There is food that can be a trigger for breakouts on acne-prone skin. For example, eating lots of eggs, meat, dairy, spicy, salty, or sweet food, and drinking too much coffee or alcohol will most likely lead to inflamed and irritated skin.

Don’t forget to drink enough water.

Yet, don’t drink too much at night to avoid swollen face and hands in the morning. Step by step, try drinking the daily necessary amount of water which is individual for each body, depending on your body mass.

4. Avoid popping pimples

You knew that, right? Then take your hands off your face.

Popping pimples and touching the acne spots will lead to more inflammation and can infect your skin more.

Besides, remember that popping a pimple will make it look worse, so it makes no sense to try to take it off. Do some spot treatment and let it heal. Having applied spot care will help you not to touch or itch the problematic zones. By the way, BBA Organic Gel-Moisturizer can be used as a spot treatment as well. Just have a little patience and help your skin during hard times on behalf of irritating it more.

5. Proper bedding and sleeping

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We have already mentioned the importance of the night’s sleep. But where and how do you sleep? Do you pay attention to your bedding materials? When it comes to bedding, don’t save money on it. First, your bedding sheets must always be clean: change them very frequently and you will see the result. Your pillow must be made from an eco-friendly material, preferably with a bamboo filling. The pillowcase, which is the closest thing to your face for a very long time at night, must be clean and fresh so it never causes inflammation. Clean, natural, and organic materials work best for bedding. Never use synthetic materials, and never choose pillows or blankets from animal fur or wool.

Also, never underestimate the importance of your sleeping position. If you can get used to sleeping on your back, then you are a winner in life. Your face will be less exposed to irritation and deformation. You will most likely have fewer wrinkles than when sleeping on one side, i.e. leaning on one side of your face.

Finally, keep in your mind that however effective and powerful your skincare products are, having glowing skin depends on your habits as well. Step by step, try changing your approaches and take your lifestyle to another level by reconsidering your practices.



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