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Leave all the burden, throw down the ballasts and swim with us.

We’re here to lead you to a happier life, where less is more - and it’s not about only one aspect of your life, no. It’s about a simple lifestyle and minimalism.

Why do we choose minimalism as a guide to a cheerful lifestyle? Now we’ll tell you everything.

Listen, minimalism is not only about having only a few items in your wardrobe, moreover, it’s also not only an interior design where only a few pieces of furniture are placed in your house. It’s a holistic approach toward life overall. Minimalism is about reducing the possible distractions in everything you do. Now let’s go step by step.

Only essential things

Have you ever traveled with no checked baggage? Even if your answer is no, imagine that. What would you take with you? Only essential things, we guess. Can you imagine a life where you could have only essential things and nothing more? It may sound intimidating, but it would give you the feeling of freedom. Almost nothing to lose. Less stuff, fewer worries, no anxiety, no fear of loss.

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This was an exaggerated comparison, of course. No one’s telling you to live in a cardboard box. But imagine what it would feel like if you had much less stuff than you have now. Did less makeup, had fewer clothes, bought fewer pieces of furniture, had fewer dishes for a meal, and did fewer steps for your skincare routine. What would it feel like? Let us get ahead of you - it would feel like freedom. It would save your space, your energy, your funds, your health, and your resources.

What if you had only two winter coats instead of eight, four tops instead of twenty, only two armchairs in your room instead of four, and three skincare products instead of ten? These are not just words, these are real examples of how you can get rid of unnecessary items, and, as a consequence, declutter your mind. You just choose what to keep in your life, not concentrating on what to remove. Thus, you leave only essential things that are worth your energy.

Less stress

Minimalism in your living leads to the revaluation of your habits. You stop doing things that don’t serve you and keep habits that make you more productive and thriving.

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Nothing can take away your energy anymore. You just discard what doesn’t bring you joy by refusing habits that waste your time. As a result, you intuitively build rituals and organic schedules that serve you day by day, by increasing your productivity.

When you’re not in turmoil, you stop stressing. You get only good vibes from what you do every day. You just throw down the ballasts and go forward.

When you know what you need exactly, you stop running after each hype. It doesn’t matter what they say anymore - you concentrate on your lifestyle, on simplicity and minimalism. Your life is organic, it’s only yours and it’s real - you are no more inflated by the opinions of others․

One thing at a time

When you are surrounded by as few distractions as possible, you can concentrate on your main tasks, whatever it is. Nothing and no one can disturb you - you choose to focus on one thing at a time. No more multitasking in panic, no more juggling. Minimalism can be found in your everyday tasks as well. And this brings you to another level of self-discipline. You dedicate your time and attention to one thing, do it in the best way you can, then switch to another task.

Sustainable choices

When living a minimalist life, you gradually start choosing quality over quantity.

The thing is - when you have less, you need to get the best you can. That’s how you go for more sustainable choices. Minimalism eliminates materialism, and the uncontrollable desire to consume gives up its position. This idea is about all aspects of your life - your clothes, accessories, household items you buy, self-care products, and much more.

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Thanks to a minimalistic approach, BBA Organic skincare is just what you see now. BBA Organic is not about making you buy dozens of skincare products, it’s about making you feel great with three or four pieces. This is what BBA is about - it is created to save your energy.

When it comes to BBA Organic, “less is more” means that you choose three or four products but get a result that others get from 6-8 products. You win by choosing organic skincare and staying minimalistic, since you save your resources and the resources of Mother Nature, and you stay mild to it. We say Nature is enough - we choose Nature everywhere we go. And it’s our way, our style of minimalism.



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