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“Let it be your guide on this wonderful mission”

You know how easy it is to lose sight of the present—the very essence of our being, when you always think about your plans and future and wait for it to be truly happy.

The be.come journal is created to remind you that happiness and self-improvement don't solely reside in the future or the achievements that await us. It encourages a harmonious combination of being present and mindfully pursuing our future aspirations, fostering sustainable well-being through the process of journaling. Here’s how you can start this transformative journey with be.come and embrace the art of journaling for personal growth.

Understand the Why

Before starting journaling, learn the why behind it. Be.come is more than a journal; it's a path created to balance your current state of being with the process of becoming who you desire to be. It intertwines living in the present with thoughtful reflection and goal-setting for the future.

journaling tips

Tips for Starting Your Journaling Journey with be.come

Embrace the Present with 'be':

Start by focusing on the present. Use your journal to capture what you're experiencing right now—your feelings, surroundings, and activities. This practice helps ground you and fosters an appreciation for the current moment.

Pause and Reflect with 'dot.':

Dedicate time for deep reflection. Reflect on your day, your feelings, and the lessons learned. This isn't just about recounting events but delving into how these experiences shape your perceptions and emotions. The 'dot' reminds you to slow down, creating space for insights and revelations.

Map Your Future with 'come':

Now, turn your attention to the future. What goals do you wish to achieve? be.come guides you in setting clear, achievable goals. Break down these goals into actionable steps and use your journal to track your progress, celebrate achievements, and navigate challenges.

Engage with the Structured Framework:

Be.come is designed to guide you through self-awareness, well-being, and goal-setting with a structured approach. Engage with each part of the journal, completing the worksheets and reading the informational sections to improve your understanding and application of positive psychology principles.

Regular Reflection:

Incorporate daily, weekly, and monthly reflections into your practice. These moments of reflection are essential for acknowledging growth, modifying paths, and staying aligned with your core values and objectives.

Cultivate a Habit:

Remember that consistency is key. Make journaling with be.come a regular part of your routine, choosing a specific time and place that suits you best. Whether it's a quiet morning ritual or an evening unwind, find a rhythm that feels natural.

Share and Celebrate:

Journaling is a personal journey, but sharing your milestones and achievements can be incredibly rewarding. Whether with trusted friends, family, or within a supportive community, celebrating your progress can amplify your sense of accomplishment and encourage continued growth.

Be Patient and Kind to Yourself:

Don’t forget that personal transformation is a journey, not a race. There will be days of profound insight and days when words don't flow as easily. Be patient and kind to yourself through this process, recognizing that every entry, no matter how small, is a step towards becoming your best self.

Reflect on Your Transformation:

Regularly look back on your journey. Observing your progress with be.come over time can be profoundly motivating and enlightening, showcasing not just where you've been but how far you've come.

The Bottom Line

Starting a journaling practice with be.come is embarking on a transformative journey towards understanding and nurturing your true self. It combines the art of being present with the science of positive psychology to guide you through personal development and toward achieving your fullest potential.

By following these tips, you’re not just beginning a practice of writing down thoughts; you're opening a dialogue with yourself about who you are, where you want to go, and the beautiful blend of being and becoming that defines your unique journey through life.



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